Media One Sheet


Media Questions

How does this program help the caregiver?

Are you recommending this replace traditiona health care?

How does it work?

Can anyone do it?

Do you have to know anything about art?

Who can benefit from this?

What makes this work?

When do you do it?

Where do you do it?

Why do you offer two different perspectives?

How long do you have to do this to see benefits?

How does this differ from other programs of art therapy?

Is this meditation?

Colorado Institute of Art Graphic Design 

20 years Band Manager and lead singer for Belle Starr

CEO of Annessa Fast Productions music label

CEO Naturally OCD Cleaning Service

CEO Healing Through Art RX

Published Author (Bernie and Babs Children book series)

Published/Featured Artist (Apricity Magazine)

Showing Artist

Annessa was struck ill at way to young an age.  With multiple diagnosis from depression to lupus she lived in pain and fear that the quality of her life was over.  One trip to an art museum changed her life forever.  From what she learned at that museum a new understanding rose from despair "looking at art doesn't hurt"  She imagineered with trail and error on herself a schedule and method of getting the full museum effect and a complete cure for herself.  With William her husband and former caregiver the "Healing Through Art RX" Program has become available for all to use.

William was and is.  Nothing more nothing less.  Loves nature and being lost in the moment.  Is a Gemini (enough said ).  Has a great desire to be helpful to his fellow human.  From a young age a practitioner of manifestation visualization.  Visualizes peace and harmony of the human race.

CEO B & E Cleaning Service

COO of Naturally OCD Cleaning Service

USAF Veteran 

Lead singer  Southern Cactus Band 15 years

Lead Singer Belle Starr Band 2 years

Recording Engineer for Annessa Fast Productions

Co-producer of Healing Through Art RX