Ritually Speaking

Aug 02, 2023
     Historically it has been a regularly occurring thing in our human/earthling society to have rituals to mark certain dates or events in life. Deep inside the mountains on the east oriental coast archaeologists have uncovered a homo (human) remains that  were buried in a ritualistic way. Their take on this was that to incorporate ritual sho3wed the signs of higher reasoning in the brain. This was 250,000 years old. Just take that in a moment 250,000 years ago. That is like to many greats to even try to calculate. But this is real and a process of reasoning in the brain is strengthened by use. The more you use a synapse and secure those connections the more flexible and reliable that type of thinking becomes.
     Where are our rituals? We have some holidays and those who prescribe to certain religions have some rituals and holidays. Still how many ritual experiences are we missing? What are our young people’s coming of age rituals?
     After doing a bit of looking around I am trying to uncover the pieces that make a ritual poignant and deep. Instead of just telling you what I know, this time I am going to ask your opinion.
     The more you learn the more you find you need to learn.
Please give your opinion on a reply to this email...I really do want to know.
What pieces make a ritual poignant and deep?.......
Yup waiting…..
Yup, still waiting.
Okay okay answer please
Pretty please
There you got it (light bulb)
Reply and let me know.
Thank you! Annessa and Bill

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