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Jun 30, 2023
Healing through art brand

We are smack in the middle of the holiday season WOW it goes so quickly, doesn’t it? This time of year finds me watching some good ole favorite movies. Tonight, I saw Yentl with Barbara Streisand. This put me in mind of some great truths.


There was a time that women could not get an education. It was against the law.

The only businesswomen could run had problems keeping up on clean sheets. (washing or using)

Women could not own property and lost anything they did own in marriage.

Just about any man could violently attack and abuse a woman.  There was little to no recourse.


Things are not at a completely equal place in our time and era. That goes for women, and many many others. Some things do work for all those who give it the time and effort it needs with a huge dose of faith and regular practice.

Here is one of what I consider the most important universally working things I have ever found. How you speak your life has a great influence on your life. If there is a piece of you that you are ashamed of it hinders your progress. If you negatively judge others, it has a negative impact on you.


B & B :

If you put up a roadblock to the beautiful and abundant imagination at work for its curing properties, you are limiting yourself and maybe others. You may know and you may never know, and yet it is what I have seen.



Using a well-crafted intent statement in healing yourself is critical to success. Many pieces can work together, and most can work alone. The universal here is that if you state exactly what you want to your own brain repetitively it sinks in there. If each word cannot stand alone as a positive in any scenario, then the whole statement might be saying something other than what it is you truly want.  Pull out the owrds one at a time and recraft the whole thing from scratch. I want no more pain means to your subconsciousness that you want more pain. If you state, my life flows and I am capable of any action I choose. Then you flow without pain, the word pain was not even in there.  To craft a beautiful intent statement takes time and should not be longer than about three sentences. This is a definitive statement not a manifesto. HAHAHAHa.


So, with the turbulence in my world, It has been brought to my attention that huge shifts and changes are coming my way. I wish there was a way to know exactly what they are. Right now, they are an exercise in being there accepting the simple truth of what is and watching it all play out. I cannot push or contrive or manage whatever it is that is coming. Ver uncomfortable for me. So far there is nothing to do but what I am already doing each day that I keep creating. Keeping creating is like breathing for me so it is always happening.

Bill and I wish you and your family and your world a positive and well thought out fulfilled intent. Happy Holidays

Annessa Morrison

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