Allopathic Negativity??

Jun 30, 2023
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The Model of Negativity in Traditional Medicine


Bill and I have gone through some big upheavals in our lives in recent months. I know this means a great and wonderful change is on the horizon and good work that we have done is about to yield sustaining results. There are emotions attached to it for sure which is good practice for turning bad thought tornados into an observer of what is in a raw and truthful way. While doing this exercise I missed a dentist appointment.


The wonderful lady at the dentist office called and let me know I had missed the appointment and most other times I would have driven the 5 blocks and just made it late. I do not recommend missing appointments I felt terribly guilty. Since I was currently checking a blame tornado this realization came to me. “There is nothing wrong with my teeth.” I was going for a cleaning that I had 6 months ago where the two fillings I needed after 7 years were also taken care of.  I have caps all along the front of my mouth and because of that investment I take particular pride in taking care of my teeth. Why was I going to this appointment? 


Cleaning your teeth is a good idea, isn’t it? Having a Dr. look for something wrong… That is what was bothering me. I was going and paying money to have a doctor look for something wrong. This is under the understanding that if you find a problem before it gets to bad that it is easier to fix. Is it easier to fix? There are a few times in life that this is true. Cancer is a biggie that is easier to fix earlier we are told. Not being a doctor, I can only extrapolate. Medical doctors operate the same way. Come in once a year or every six months and pay them to look for problems. You pay for tests, you pay for time, and whether or not they are helpful or harmful you are still obligated to pay for their time and advice.


Whenever I go in looking for what is wrong, I find something. The questions you have to answer at the beginning of any appointment about your mood are designed to help them find a medicatable depression or anxiety.  It is my understanding that without the support of the drug companies in medication mental conditions most doctors could not make it in today’s atmosphere. The kick backs on those drugs are pretty high. This means it is good business to find anywhere you can prescribe them.


If for some reason the doctor does not find something wrong with you then you are supposed to feel really relieved and glad that you are so wonderfully healthy. You should be grateful for paying to find that out. As a woman in her 50’s I remember when I was really healthy and did not need a doctor to tell me that was the state of things. Today I take many measures to healthy life choices because I want the best performance, I can get outta this body. I know exactly what it is to not be healthy.


When is starting a journey of discovery on your health going to be aimed at finding positives? When can we accept without an expert’s advice that we feel good? Do you look for something stuck in your craw (an irritation) before looking for which organ the pain is emanating from?


I am grateful for doctors, and I have only met a couple that are not doing everything to be the best resource and help to all they serve. They are also doing this under a current times structure that makes doing that a really tough and a rough thing to accomplish. I am grateful for them and all they go through to be the best they can be for us.


So why do we choose to feed into a system whose total mode of operating is based on finding problems, not finding health? In my other health practices positives is huge and of paramount importance.  In looking at art, or visualizing a desired outcome, in setting an intent statement, in every one of those mind guiding practices Positive words and statements and imagery is the cornerstone of effectiveness. In my own judgmental way (I am working on that) I hear recorded led meditations regularly and finding one that has eliminated the negative words or actions is very rare.  The whole act of going to a doctor in 2022 is negative.


If you look for problems, you will most likely find some.

If you look for reasons to be grateful or healthy, you will most likely find some.


I advise that at the bare minimum you balance the negatives with just as many positives. Do not stop going to a doctor on my word…I am not a doctor. One of the best practices I do for my own health maintenance is changing words and meanings to positives. When I craft pieces of my health routine I craft with positives and recheck to make sure that is exactly what I am using. I take out each word and if it does not stand on its own as a positive without any other words then it is not a positive. Many times, I have had to rethink the whole thing and start from scratch at least one and usually multiple times because of one little word. Words matter. What you say or think is taken literally by your subconscious and that booger can not take a joke. Subconscious can not conjugate (isn’t, won’t, can’t).


Right now, I am happy to see you having the perfect holiday for you marking your occasion the way that makes you the happiest and most fulfilled. Bill and I will be grateful for the same in our world visioning it in your world. Whatever your belief system the core leads to peace, joy, gratefulness, and generosity. Happy holiday season.



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