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Healing Through Art RX with Annessa Morrison

The one and only guided healing program using fine art for right brain immersion.

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For us, your development is personal!

Imagine you are 60 years old and without any training you decided to run a marathon. If you can imagine what your body would feel like on the day after you completed that marathon that you should have not even been able to finish. That is what my days with lupus felt like. 
It took two years to get my life back, and it was worth every minute of that time. The unbelievable part is that it was looking at art that got me there. 

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The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.


Dennis Garcia

Easy to use and dynamic instruction. Makes following the directions of this course so simple. That healing yourself is actually a joyful experience.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Healing Through Art RX is a great platform to help program the subconscious mind to heal you from within.  What I noticed was  being much more focused thoughout the day to make the choices that will allow my body and mind to heal.

Dr. Janina Ward PH. D. Mind Body Medicine, Body Code Practioner, Energy Healer, Traditional Naturopath

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Getting the caretaker perspective

Get the benefits of your own caretaker. Bill provides a different perspective in all the courses. Choosing between the crazy artist lady or the nice zhen caretaker is all up to you in every course that you take.

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